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Shenzhen Zhongdaqiang Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. is a high-end intelligent equipment enterprise focusing on R&D, production and sales of the whole DC inverter electric furnace. Its predecessor is Zhongda Electric Furnace Factory of Longgang District, Shenzhen (established on June 19, 2006). ), due to business development needs, in 2016, invested 10 million yuan to establish Shenzhen Zhongdaqiang Electric Furnace Co., Ltd., currently has 11 independent intellectual property rights, has passed ISO, CE and other authoritative institutions certification, is a national high-tech enterprise, and domestic Well-known foreign companies have good cooperation.
Application of international market: sapphire, mobile phone screen, ceramic mobile phone cover, glass, jewelry, metal, powder metallurgy, new materials, solar energy, semiconductor, electronics, aluminum alloy, university, hardware, pharmaceutical, optoelectronics, military, aerospace, automotive It is widely used in all walks of life, and 80% of manufacturing and processing enterprises can use full DC inverter heating equipment.
Advantages of full DC inverter electric furnace:
1. No problem during the 6-year use period:
Low voltage and large current delay soft start, multiple protection, repeated opening has no impact on the heating element, the service life is 4 to 6 times that of the common AC electric furnace. The traditional industry AC electric furnace heating element can only use 3000 hours, subverting the AC furnace industry standard.
2. High temperature control accuracy:
Really reaches ±0.1 degrees. Exceeding the industry standard of ± 1 degree, the furnace temperature uniformity is high, truly ± 2 ° C, exceeding the industry standard of ± 5 degrees.
3, energy saving:
    Due to high frequency and power saving, the output frequency is 20Khz/50hz, and the frequency cycle is 400 times AC. The reactive power loss is about 25% lower than the AC power saving. The three-level grounding protection of the full DC inverter electric furnace has higher safety performance.
4, easy to install, and remote control
    With the quick installation plug, the user can install it in one minute; it can be remotely controlled and maintained through the network.
No on-site update is required; the system has no paper records and the data can be stored permanently.